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Teddy Bear Macarons

Woo hoo, another of my macaron's idea - Teddy bear macarons. Teddy bear always is the best friend of all girls, the best ever gift for any events. I've lost count how many teddy bear soft toys that I've before. The fond of teddy bear has made me to draw without any reference, fully depends on my last memory towards teddy bear.

After getting so much compliments from Lazaro Cooks & Jill Colonna (a popular macaron French cookbook author), more new ideas to inspire me making more creative ideas on macarons. From there, I learnt various way to present macarons.

There is an interesting fact that I've learnt from one of my Canadian friend - Shyane. The gloomy bear is his most favourite and he claimed that it looks like the old traditional English bear which really looks that gloomy.
Hankerie's teddy bears- good friend :)


Unknown said…
I love your blog and all of your macarons are adorable! Thanks for following and of course I'm following you right back! x
Anonymous said…
Super cute!