Gift Sets Cupcakes

Dare to be different. I guess you never see this kind of cupcakes before, well this is the real blueberry Cupcakes. This idea came from one of my purchased mold in Australia here - gift set silicon mold. Originally my idea is to use this gift set mold for my mini cheese cake, now making my normal breakfast cupcakes for the first try of this new mold.

This gift set cupcakes recipe similar to my previous post Australian Cherries & Blueberries Cupcakes

My new silicon mold which is now part of my baking collection. Love it so much.

Finally I can participate for this month's challenge whereby I was the judge of last month.
Therefore, I am submitting for Breakfasts of the World recipe challenge on  Very Good Recipes.


nice cupcakes mould you have it there..

Interesting looking moulds. Any easy n delicious n healthy recipes via steaming method?

Interesting moulds. Any easy, delicious n healthy recipes prepared via steaming method?

@ Sonia, Joy, Cooking with Barry & Quay Po Cooks: Thanks guys.

@ Judith: Dear, I have some steamed series bakes. Check out here @

What a clever neat idea!! Love blueberry muffins and even more so in these cute shapes!!

@ Linda: Thanks :) You may try that out too.

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