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Coffee Roasting by Hankerie

Yahoo...Hankerie is now an Australian certified coffee roaster. Coffee always my passion comes after my bakes. Of course, a good quality cup of coffee is essential to match any of my cakes. Else, the taste definitely cannot be heavenly taste combined.

All my key interest on coffee beans actually started from my certified Australian Barista day. Being a barista, everything related to coffee become so important. A good cup of coffee not only comes from grounded coffee, it's actually starts from how to roast the coffee bean accurately from raw coffee, different types of coffee beans to match with different type of the coffee that you are going to make, ground the freshly baked coffee bean, make the espresso until making the perfect froth milk. These vital steps determine the freshness of the coffee to serve.

Take a closer look, this is my first time to see the raw coffee Arabica bean. The skin contains a bit blueish.

Last Friday was my long day, I travelled from Brisbane CBD to Gold Coast. Mark is my trainer of the day and I need to work with this gigantic roaster of the day. No clue about all these machine until using them. Human since ages ago already invented these fantastic machine to roast coffee! With the growth of technology, even so the technique and design still origin and having minor adaption from the 1st coffee machine that human has invented previously. Impressive! I was stunned and surprised as I able to control all these by myself and managed to produces 8kg of roasted coffee beans. :)

My first batch of 100% roasted coffee, all by myself!!

Using the freshest batch of roasted coffee bean, brew a cup of cuppucino. In fact, it taste differently.

Taking a photo of Wayne who was sharing all his experience on coffee as well as beer Brewing!! A Scotish that really friendly. Unfortunately, I did not have any chance to take photo with Mark that day.

Indeed this was my fun learning on theory and practical part of the coffee roasting! I am going to bring all my whole series of my Australia coffee machine to KL soon :). Serving all my guest with a superb coffee. If you do want some, come visit me.


Lazaro Cooks said…
Good luck making great coffee.