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Wedding Cupcakes Tower Designed by Hankerie

Wedding bell rings for Barry & Izzy soon. All of us in the project team in Australia decided to give them the surprise wedding party celebration for them before their flyback to Malaysia tomorrow. Everybody are bringing some snack/food for the surprise party (High-tea) today. For me, I decided to bake the exclusively design wedding cupcakes for them.

Well, this has been my best meaningful cupcakes as they are for the wedding couple. By using the white & pink colour as my cupcakes theme, came out slightly different design for each of them to build up the wedding cupcakes tower. The pink colour swirl represents the pink roses for the wedding. Glad that everybody are enjoying these 12 cupcakes and finished it with thumbs up :). Some of them are extremely surprised that all these cupcakes are baked by me, they called it "Expensive SAP Consultant Cupcakes". What a joke! Couple of them taking the cupcakes tower photo as they claimed really looks too nice. Some even say they all done so professionally, even looks much better than those sell outside. Oh...really made my day!!

The cupcakes below are my fondant icing cupcakes which I made it from scratch. Letter "B" represents Barry & letter "I" represents Izzy.

Everybody are so excited to give this lovely couples surprises, putting up the decoration together in the meeting room & prepare the food in just the short time. After that, the couples being dragged in the meeting room as an "order" to attend so called "meeting". They indeed caught in the surprises after seeing all these - our mission accomplished. We can see Izzy's touched with tears.

Wonder what's underneath the cupcakes' decoration? They are my all-time favorite fresh blueberries Yogurt Cupcakes.

Cake Recipe & Method:
Refer to my previous post titled "Fresh Nectarine Yogurt Cupcakes", change the peaches into fresh blueberries as well as brown sugar into white sugar as I prefer lighter colour for the cake.

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes! (November 2011) hosted by Min of Min's Blog.


Janine said…
that first picture really looks very good! all your decorations are unique and so pretty!
Hankerie said…
@ Janine: Hahaha.. only the 1st photo? What bout the rest? Just kidding. Anyway, love your comment.
Hankerie said…
Thanks Sonia :)
life explorer said…
Oh so lovely.. Almost too pretty to bite into
Hankerie said…
@ Baker: Thanks for dropping by.