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Han Ker, co-founder of Hankerie, discovered her passion for baking at the tender age of eight, alongside her mother. This early introduction to the culinary arts paved the way for her journey, which took a significant turn with the inception of her blog, Hankerie, in 2011. Despite her full-time role as a professional executive manager in Biggest Bank in Australia, her dedication to baking remained unwavering. In 2009, she ventured into the food and beverage industry by opening a French restaurant. However, due to overseas project assignments, she regrettably withdrew from the partnership. Nevertheless, Han Ker persisted in pursuing her love for baking and culinary innovation. Specializing in pastries, sweet treats, and bread, she continuously refines her craft, drawing inspiration from her international exposure and boundless creativity. With a steadfast belief in the power of perseverance, she remains committed to turning her imaginative creations into reality.

Han Ker is an advocate of knowledge-sharing, evident in her open approach to blogging and her willingness to explore new recipes. Her culinary prowess has garnered recognition, with features in esteemed publications such as Honest Cooking and Nourish magazines. Notably, she secured the first runner-up position in the Asian Food Channel cooking competition held in Kuala Lumpur on June 29, 2013. Her expertise has also attracted collaborations with prominent companies seeking her expertise in recipe creation and development. Han Ker’s journey as a home baker, blogger, and cook is marked by her unwavering dedication and continuous pursuit of culinary excellence.

Moreover, Hankerie has recently relocated to Sydney, embarking on a new chapter in her culinary journey. Undeterred by the change in scenery, she has reignited her passion for sharing her expertise by restarting her YouTube channel (➡︎ Through her videos, she aims to not only showcase her love for baking and cooking but also to educate viewers on healthier alternatives and techniques. With a commitment to reaching a global audience, her tutorials transcend borders, offering international audiences the opportunity to learn from her wealth of knowledge. To stay updated on her latest culinary creations and recipes, viewers are encouraged to subscribe to her channel. Additionally, in the coming months, Hankerie is set to launch her first digital cookbook, offering readers a comprehensive guide to her signature dishes and innovative recipes. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore her culinary world and join her on this exciting journey of flavor and discovery.

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