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Apple Peanut Rosy Tart

This is my second year attending New Zealand week event, meeting my favourite Master Chef Nadia Lim in person as well. This year's New Zealand Food Connection Chef challenge is much more exciting than last year as there are quite a lot of interesting New Zealand products for me to create the magical dish if compare to last year. This year mission as usual, to create an inspiring, delicious dish or combination of dishes using these premium quality New Zealand products given to me. There are Famer's Mill Buttermilk Scone Mix, Pure South Lamb Loin, Talley's Greenlipped Mussels, Tatua's whipping cream, Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter, Rockitapples, pics Peanut butter and many more.

During the food demonstration by Nadia Lim, I totally inspired to make a dish which involve these little cute crunch red Rockitapples. She used these apples on top of the lamb cutlets with Salsa verde and apple, which makes the lamb so delicious and yet no odd smell. Hence, I decided to use these Rockitapples, Pics peanut butter and Anchor butter from my New Zealand 'mystery bag' as my three main hero ingredients of the dish. I name the dish "Apple Peanut Rosy Tart". This is not only easy to make tart, but also taste good, from the wonderful pure peanut butter fragrance to the crunchiness of the sweet Rockitapples, ending with the buttery crust. These are the irresistible treats too in conjunction of mothers day as well.

Also, I've made a step by step video on how to make these easy peasy Apple Peanut Rosy Tart in You Tube. Remember to subscribe.

See my recipe here (serves 5 tarts, prepare time 30 minutes, baking time 15 minutes)

  1. 3 mini Rockitapples
  2. 1 bowl of salt water
  3. Few spoonful of Pics Peanut Butter
  4. 2 TBSP of Anchor Butter
  5. 1 Ready made pastry puff sheet
  6. 2 TBSP Kiwi fruits jam (optional)
  7. Icing sugar for decoration
  1. Cut apple into half. Use the mini scoop to scoop the apple seed out in the middle. Slice the apple into thin slices approximately 2.0mm and then cut into half again. Soak the slices into salt water.
  2. Microwave these apple slices in the salty water for 1-2 minutes to soften it. This is for apple to bend it easier later. Set aside.
  3. Sprinkle some flour on the work surface. Use the rolling pin to roll on the ready made pastry sheet to thinner. Use knife cut into 5 stripes.
  4. Apply some kiwi fruits jam and peanut butter on top of the pastry sheet.
  5. Line up the apple slices into 1 row, overlap each apple slices on top of the previous one. Apply some more kiwi jam to stick it properly.
  6. Fold the bottom of the pastry sheet to wrap around the bottom of apple slices. Make sure there is no gap or loose.
  7. Roll the pastry from one end into roses shape. Place carefully into muffin pan.
  8. Bake them in pre-heat fan force oven at 180 C for 20 minutes (depending to your oven).
  9. Once remove from oven, apply some anchor butter around the pastry to add on some more glaze on the surface.
  10. Enjoy!