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Mango Pudding for New Year Eve Feast

This is my favourite easy to prepare dessert for every New Year eve. You may prepare this dessert and chill in fridge while preparing for the main course and appetiser. Make and serve it into wine class to impress your guests too, absolutely stunning and yet delicious.

Below is my Fresh Mango Pudding recipe

Ingredients: (recipe yields for 4 wine glass)
  1. Gelatin  4g
  2. Water  12ml
  3. Caster Sugar 50g
  4. Fresh Milk 50ml
  5. Fresh Mango 1 piece (half for decoration)
  6. Pure yogurt 50g
  7. Fresh cream 125ml
  8. Fresh custard & cherries (for decoration)
  1. Mix gelatin with water.
  2. In separate bowl, blend the half mango. Mix with yogurt.
  3. Boil the milk with sugar, add on the 1.
  4. With 3, add on 2 and fresh cream.
  5. Pour the mixture into cocktail glass/wine glass, refrigerate it at least 2 and half hours.
  6. Once the pudding is set, decorate it with the other half mango (cut into cubes) and decorate with some fresh custard & cherries. Ready for serving.