Handpipe Snowflakes for Christmas

Less than 2 weeks time to Christmas. I've written some easy step by step to guide you on how to free hand pipe the snow flakes by using the melted chocolate. This is absolutely easy idea for you to prepare upfront and be handy for your cake decoration later.

If you have the difficulties to pipe it free style, what you can do it print out the snow flake template, put underneath your baking paper, and pipe them accordingly. Of course, practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the better result you may achieve.

Snowflakes Recipe:
1/2 cup Pure white chocolate for snowflakes

Microwave/frying pan with stove
baking paper
piping bag
Tutorial : Handpipe Snowflakes

Step 1: Put the white chocolates in the microwave-proof bowl. Heat 1-2 minutes in microwave until melted completely. Remember do not overheat it as they are full cocoa butter.

Step 2: Put step 1 into the plastic bag, cut the tip (not too big hole) as you do not want super super bold snowflakes.

Step 3: Pipe your own snowflakes onto baking paper. Let it dry.

Step 4: Snowflakes completed. Remove from baking papers carefully.


Hand piped??? Wow, very very steady hands you have!

Wow!!! These cookies look very pretty! Your hand piping skill is brilliant!


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