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Hankerie's bakes sell in Bangsar!

Hankerie first time goes retail. This is my 1st experience to sell my bakes in public, the mixed feeling of exciting and worrying. Exciting to see the public response towards my artisan bakes, while worrying to see nobody will pay this amount of money to buy these bakes. The latter one proof it wrong after the first day of my Bangsar Shopping Complex event. All my bakes sold out in few hours, ended up I need to rush back home to bake everything for the next day sale.

Well, I would like to share about all my preparation works before this 2 days event. It was like back to 1 month before, I started to do the planning, how to design my table, booth decoration, bakes menu and engaged some of my friends to help out with. In the end, I planned to sell my signature bakes - most of my designer series and organic pesto sauce.

Self drawn black board art, spent about 2 hours to finish this design.

This 2 days artisan market which held in Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) on 21st and 22nd September, it is also the last artisan event of the year of 2013. I was fortunate to be invited and joined as one of the food vendor, unfortunately my booth is joint with the craft vendor instead of other food vendors which located in Annex area. The crowd is lesser than the Annex area. In fact, it is really a bless to see most of the crowd towards my booth are really buying my home bakes goods. What a relieve!

This will not be a success without my family support. Indeed, I really underestimate the effort from preparation, baking, washing, packing, transporting, selling and etc. This whole process is so exhausted, it wont be achieved just by myself. Really thanks to my husband, mum in law and brother in law who helped me from end to end.


Now, let's see what I have baked for the sale. 1st is my signature Japanese Cream puff. Fresh out from oven. 

Serve these treats with my home made custard, fresh cream and fresh fruits. All sold out in seconds.

Next is my premium Belgium moist chocolate cupcake and healthy banana cupcake with walnut.

All comes with my own packaging idea, 6 in one box, you can mix and match the flavour in a box.

Of course, I wont left my Minion family out. Minion macarons, every single little kids so irresistible to grab them.

Minion cupcakes!!! I only started to sell in my 2nd day of event, the response is unexpectedly overwhelmed.

Limited edition of my designer swiss rolls, that's the maximum I can do for 1 day. Tough job.

Last but not least is my home made pesto sauce, with my own idea of packaging. The material cost is expensive but worth to make them pretty and good for storage.

Free of any preservative and colouring, my home grown basil gone just in one day. I need to wait for few more months to produce for next batch.

To summarise this, it's really interesting and good exposure to see how public response to my bakes, happy to see return customer from 1st day, some even know my Hankerie's online presence and see the bakes sold out in few hours. All these encourage me to move on. Despite of the tiredness, I've more things to look forward and prepare for the following week event - 2013 Asean Coffee and Art event in Publika. It's really tough when you do this alone and on top of that still working full time job at the same time. I will share about Publika event in next post.

Thanks to all of the support especially to those who dropped by :)


                    MnYfoodtalk said…
                    Congratulation on your successfully event. I understand your feeling, must be full with excitement and satisfaction. And it is really not easy to do it when you are working full time at the same time. Kampate!