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Three layered Kiwi Pudding

Thinking to make another kiwi dessert on my 11th day of Kiwi Challenge. During my previous "oversea" assignment in Miri, I always fond of this local interesting drink called "Three layered milk tea". I improvise this special drinks into upside down three layer soya pudding instead of soya milk. In order to make this prominent layer of the drink, I decided to make my soya milk into pudding and then layered it with one layer of Sun Gold Kiwi pure puree and the other layer with Green Kiwi pure puree.

This is quite similiar to my previous post titled "Homeade Kiwi Soya Beancurd Pudding", the only difference is I'm using soya milk powder to make the pudding instead of using the ready made soy milk packet. The result turns out nicer, richer with soy bean taste. Give it a try.

Here is my Hankerie's recipe on this Homemade Three layered Pudding

  1. 45g soy milk powder (instant)
  2. 350ml hot water
  3. 5g gelatin powder
Layered Puree
1 Zespri Green kiwi (cut into pieces)
1 Zepsri Sun Gold kiwi (cut into pieces)

  1. In a medium sized bowl, mix soy milk powder and hot water. Whisk them until fully combined.
  2. Add on the gelatin powder.
  3. Strain mixture and pour over the individual pudding jar.
  4. Refrigerate them at least 6 hours and above.  
  5. In the meanwhile, use hand blender to squash the kiwi into puree separately. Set aside.
  6. To serve, put the sun gold kiwi puree into pudding jar and follow by the green kiwi puree.