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My tanned Minion birthday cake specially baked from my love one

Today is my birthday! What surprised me the most is my husband baked me a chocolate sponge cake whereby this is his ever first time to bake a cake in his life. He chose not to buy birthday cake outside as he things nothing better than my Hankerie's cake and he dont let me bake my own birthday cake. Hence, he decided to follow my recipe and do by his own.

Of course, I'm just purely guide him throughout the full process in baking this cake, from preparing the materials, steps, making them and assemble them. He really did it wholeheartedly, I can sense it for being a witness. 

The only step that I helped him is to decorate the minion. He knows that I love chocolate cake, and I do not like colouring, so my Minion needs to be tanned in this case. And the full cake is colour free.

My husband celebrate with me together with this cute tanned minion blowing the candle for me. What a wonderful cake and celebration :) Also, I wont forget my new Macbook Air as my birthday present from him too this year. My new command center for my Hankerie!!!

Here is my Hankerie's recipe on this Tanned minion chocolate sponge cake


3 eggs
80g caster sugar
63g cake flour
7g premium cocoa powder
1Tbsp Australia Koko Black Chocolate
1Tbsp hot water
30g butter

200ml whipped cream
1 Zespri Green Kiwi (cut into pieces)

50g dark chocolate
30ml whipped cream
1 Zespri Green Kiwi (cut 1 big slice as Minion eye)

Preheat oven to 190ºC.
  1. Grease and line a Swiss roll tin.
  2. Put eggs and caster sugar into a large mixing bowl and whisk until light and creamy (it should be very thick at this stage).
  3. Mix the Koko black chocolate with hot water in separate cup.
  4. Once the egg is creamy, stir slowly the mixed chocolate in step 3.
  5. Sieve flour and cocoa powder into mixture and fold very gently using a teaspoon.
  6. Add on melted butter.
  7. Pour the mixture into tray carefully.
  8. Cook for 10-12 minutes until golden brown and springy to touch.
  9. While cooking place a piece of greaseproof paper on a cooling tray and sprinkle with sugar.
  10. When the sponge is cooked remove from oven, tip upside down on sugared paper and carefully remove paper from sponge.
  11. Cut off any hard crusty edges. Cut the cake into 3 equal pieces to stack as layered cake.
  12. Spread with whipped cream and cut pieces of green kiwi, stack the other cake until finish.
  13. Decorate the cake by using one big slice of green kiwi fruit as eyes. Circle the fruit with whipped cream and fill the clothes.
  14. Melt dark chocolate together with whipped cream. Put into piping bag.
  15. Pipe the chocolate cream as Minion eye, hair, spec strip and detail of clothes.
  16. Enjoy!!