Hankerie's Kiwi project went live & 1st VBlog!!!

Yippe! Completing my 14 days Zespri Kiwi challenge 2013. Feel free to follow my own created recipes below, all about Kiwi! Do follow us in Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and PInterest too!

Also, I've included a bonus recipe which is Sparkling Kiwi drink that I've made into a video in Youtube. Check this out.

  1. Day 1 : Green Kiwi Tart (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/green-kiwi-tart.html)
  2. Day 2 : Sun Gold Kiwi Swiss Roll (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/sun-gold-kiwi-swiss-roll.html)
  3. Day 3 : Green Kiwi Seafood Spaghetti (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/green-kiwi-seafood-spaghetti.html)
  4. Day 4 : My tanned Minion birthday cake (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/my-tanned-minion-birthday-cake.html)
  5. Day 5 : Minions Swiss Roll with green Kiwi filling (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/minions-swiss-roll-with-green-kiwi.html)
  6. Day 6: Homemade Kiwi Soya Beancurd Pudding (Tau Hu Fah) (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/homemade-kiwi-soya-beancurd-pudding-tau.html)
  7. Day 7: Minion and Evil Minion Swiss Roll with sun gold Kiwi filling (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/minion-and-evil-minion-swiss-roll-with.html)
  8. Day 8 : Green Kiwi Macaron (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/green-kiwi-macaron.html)
  9. Day 9 : Kiwi French Toast (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/kiwi-french-toast.html)
  10. Day 10: Kiwi Popsicle (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/kiwi-popsicle.html)
  11. Day 11: Three layered Kiwi Pudding (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/three-layered-pudding.html)
  12. Day 12: Kiwi Pizza (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/kiwi-pizza.html)
  13. Day 13: Hankerie Kiwi Cream Puff (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/hankeries-kiwi-cream-puff.html)
  14. Day 14: Hankerie signature Kiwi Moonlight Mooncake (http://www.hankerie.com/2013/08/kiwi-mooncake-moonlight-mooncake.html)


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