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Minion Macaron - specially designed by Hankerie

Everywhere is Minion's craze now. Minions are yellow, small, cylinder-shaped (some long, fat or short), genetically humanized kernels that have one or two eyes and are one of the most notable characters in the film of Despicable Me2 movie. Wonder whether is this movie influence or MacDonald Happy Meal toy influence that created the "Minions storm" now. Anyway, I also being trapped into this, love these minions until I made them into edible Macarons!

Using my imagination, I want the minions look cuter and chubbier. Hence, I made them into round and fluffy macarons, inspired by how they getting fatter, and round. The toughest part is to make all these macarons by using the pure macaron batter and chocolate, 100% free hand piping. In the meantime, all the macarons must have nice feet developed, batter consistency and timing must be captured accurately. Either one fails, the whole batch of macaron will fail as well. 

Await them anxiously while baking in the oven, will definitely know whether the macaron is success or fail right after the first 3-4 minutes baking time. If it's a success, you will see the nice feet developed already at that point of time. Below is my extremely cute round and fat Minion Macarons, there are 9 different expression. Physically varies from number of eyes, roundness or secondary features such as hair and eye/pupil size.

Apart from my fat and round version of minions, I also designed the Minions with WIG and BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the middle Minion sings 
"Baby, baby, baby oohh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
Thought you'd always be mine, mine"

Do you know who is the middle one? Yes, he imitates the famous Justin Bieber!! Woo hoo. Whereas the left hand side one is the minion with beard, looks like hair overgrew! LOL. Hope you also have the great time reading my minion story and enjoy these little edible treats with your eyes.

The full family of Minion!! Minions! Ba na na....

For the basic macaron ingredients and method, please refer to my previous post here - Love Shaped Macarons or alternatively get the issue of Nourish Magazine at bookstore now and refer to my published Macarons with coconut White Chocolate Ganache


Your macarons are soooo..... cute and adorable. I love all of them. Great job.

thank you for sharing.
Hankerie said…
Tank yu (Thank you), @Veronica Kitchen. Just love these minions character.
mui mui said…
Hi Hankerie,
These minion macaroons are so so cute.
You are so creative and i love your creations.

EvaHP said…
Wow, these look so cute and cool! And your macaroons seem like very high quality. How do you get such big feet on them?
Anonymous said…
can you please give a full description of how you make these?

From Anette