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Meeting Gordon Ramsay in Hawker Heroes cook-off (@Singapore)

"Gordon Ramsay!!!!"

I'm extremely excited to meet Gordon Ramsay in person at Singapore. Believe it or not, I was purposely flew to Singapore this morning to meet him in person just now. He was invited specially from Singtel to accept Singapore's hawker food challenge. This culinary contest sees him pit his skills against three hawkers, who were selected through a public poll on the HungryGoWhere website, in this cook-off. They are 3 top voted hawkers who are cooking Hainanese Chicken rice, Singapore Chili Crab and Curry Laksa.

This cook-off was held in Newton food centre, Singapore on 7th July 2013 6.30pm. I reached there  around 5.45pm. Kelly Siew and I were so worry about the crowd there even before reaching there.  We gotten the news from singtel twitter and knowing the fact that apparently the queue is built up since yesterday midnight. Therefore, I do not bring any high hope when reaching there. 

At first, I was totally stunned with the crowd there. Secondly impressed with how people there to 'struggle' themselves to watch Ramsay to cook. Thirdly whenever Ramsay appears, those crazy fans were shouting here and there, some even singing the "Ramsay" theme song. OMG, and most of them are guys!!! There were few guys climbed on top of the trees, with super zoom in SLR.

Overly crowded. Gosh, I did not expect so many people out there and I can't even see Ramsay's shadow. Everybody was holding their camera, Ipad and iPhone recording but in fact I did not see anybody there yet.

Some of the people even brought their own ladder to see the show, incredible!

My husband and I stayed there for half an hour, both of us almost want to give up and head back home. Just so happen, I was lucky enough to squeeze and got a front row to witness the curry laksa cook off. At least I managed to snap Ramsay's close up photo, catch a breath even though I'm totally showered by my sweat and people smell.

Interviewing the hawkers session.

Recording on spot but unfortunately I did not stay until the cook off finished. I was too hungry and too hot during that time. Heads off for having my dinner since the cook off requires another 2 hours to finish.

Just knew the result from TV, Singapore’s hawkers have beat out Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay in this cook off challenge. Ramsay however did win Singaporeans over with one dish - Chili Crab! That's according to 1,000 votes from members of the public who showed up at the culinary challenge. Congrats to Gordon and the winners too.

The host was interviewing Ryan who is cooking curry laksa. 

3 finalists who is going to cook off with Ramsay.

Crazily, all these Singaporeans started queuing as early as 1am the night before to get a chance to test these sample three dishes. Apparently they have the priority pass to go into the event.

Overall, I was pleased and satisfied to see Ramsay in person (with some distance even), and witness how the cook off happened between Singapore's top 3 hawkers and Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay.


Faeez said…
You are so lucky. I was there too but did not even catch his shadow!
OMG! kiasu singaporeans, bring own ladder! I'm more amused reading about the crowd then seeing gordon ramsay
Hankerie said…
@Faeez: Oh is it? I only saw from the far.
Hankerie said…
@Shannon: I also shocked when I see that ladder.