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The Little Mermaid (Ariel) fondant cake

I must admit, I was a bit worried initially about it as making a human form out of fondant is not as easy as making an animal or Angry Bird. This is a special request by Sophie that she has changed her favourite recently from Angry Bird to this little mermaid. Therefore, she hopes to have this little mermaid as her main character on her 4th years old birthday cake. I took on this new challenge since I've made the other cake with Angry Bird Space series, her 2nd birthday cake will be brand new idea. Believe it or not? I spent 1 whole day to finish the whole cake. Gratefully that Sophie and the mum loves this cake and design.

In here, I would like to share some tips and tricks on making this little mermai.  I made her head by rolling a small ball.  Pinch the nose out, and form the eye sockets, forehead, and cheekbones. Then, shape the chin and the mouth. Handle it with care so you don’t deform the head!  To make the torso, roll a proportionate amount of fondant into a teardrop shape. Flatten out the small end to form the waist. The thicker part will be the shoulders.  Then make the bikini with some purple fondant, shape it to look like shells and attach it to the torso with some water.  To make the arms, roll 2 same sized balls.  Then roll each ball into arms with one end thinner than the other. Bend the arm into whatever pose you like and then shape the wrist and hand. To make Ariel’s tail, roll some green dough into an elongated tear drop shape and make the fins at the end.  You can bend the tail or leave it straight.

Top view of the cake


    Alice said…
    this is a very cute Ariel!
    Hankerie said…
    Thank you so much Alice :)