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Angry Bird Space Fondant Cake

This is my most recent Angry Bird Series cake - Angry Bird Space. Specially baked for Sophia who ordered 1 year ago since I last left Miri time. This year, again her lovely mum ordered 2 big cakes. Time flies, I still vividly remembered her last year's birthday cake in my blog post - 1st Ever Angry Birds Birthday Cake. Definitely I will miss her since the whole family moving to Brisbane soon, doubting can make for her 5th years old birthday cake next year.

What I love with the Angry Birds game is that they always keep on changing and try to make their game fresh. This also allows me to make different versions of Angry Birds Cake. Perhaps my next Angry Bird series cake will be the recent Star Wars Series. Stay tune.

In the midst of decorating the cake.

Ready for delivery - Happy birthday, Sophie.


    Alice said…
    really cute cake :)
    Hankerie said…
    Dear Alice, thanks for your comment.