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Teochew Spiral Mooncake (Natural Pandan flavour)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! This is absolutely my favorite baked mooncake - Teochew Spiral Mooncake (Pandan Flavour). You cannot see the green colour vividly as I'm using the real pandan extract but not the artificial pandan essence or paste in the oil dough.

Teochew style mooncake consists of layers of mooncake skin similar to puff pastry, just like our curry puff but it's not cooked by deep fried, using baked method for healthier style of cooking. The spiral mooncake uses a combination of an oil based and a water based dough rolled together, then sliced and carefully wrapped over your choice of filling. This teochew style flaky mooncake is usually made with yam paste filling.  Since I've left over lotus paste, I finished up all lotus paste in this spiral mooncake.  I learned how to make this flaky pastry during my croissant experiences.

Below is myTeochew Spiral Mooncake (Natural Pandan flavour) recipe:
Water dough:
200 g all purpose flour
1/2 tsp white vinegar
50 g shortening
30 g sugar
50 g water
Mix all ingredients in a bowl until it forms a soft dough. Let rest for 20 minutes before dividing into 4 portions (or more depending on the size of pastry you want). Set aside.

Oil Dough:
180 g all purpose flour
100 g shortening
1Tbsp Real Pandan extract
Combine all ingredients and divide into the same number of portions as the water dough.

Decoration (Optional)
Egg yolk
Dash poppy seed/sesame


  1. To assemble spiral mooncake:
  2. Wrap water dough over oil dough (as in a ball). Roll out into a long rectangle and then roll up like a swiss roll.
  3. Roll out flat again and then roll into a swiss roll again (altogether two times).
  4. Cut the roll into 8 pieces.
  5. With spiral side facing up, roll out the cut dough large enough to cover the filling. Wrap over filling. Do the same with the rest of the dough. Brush the surface with egg yolk and decorate with some poppy seed on top.
  6. Baked for 25 minutes at 180C.
  7. Cool it down and serve.


Cheah said…
These cute pastries look so tempting. Very nicely done!
Hankerie said…
@ Cheah: Tq, dear. Im still pefer the top with egg wash and poppy seeds as it looks much nicer than the plain one.