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Rainbow Macarons

Rainbow!! Everybody for sure to shout it out loud whenever see it appear in the sky. When it transforms into  macarons, it gives me the feeling of "double happiness". One happiness is looks so nice, another happiness is taste nice :).

My friends were asking me on how to do all these 7 colours with one batch of macaron, the technique is just as simple as start with lighter colour first. Imagine drawing on the drawing block, how you can mix the colour on the colour palate. It applies the same method into bakes as well.

Since moving back from Australia, I'm still waiting for Hankerie's kitchen to be ready full-blown in 2 weeks time. My hand and brain starts itchy to bake, feel uneasy day by day. No cake or pastries to eat every morning, indeed suffering.

Chocolate cream and vanilla cream filling for rainbow macarons

Rainbow colour macarons arranged into rainbow style

For the full ingredients and detail method, kindly refer to my previous post -Easter Bunny Macarons


Alice said…
nice rainbow colors :)
Anonymous said…
Hi, welcome back to KL :) Maybe next time I'm in KL we can catch up :p And love, love, love your blog <3
-Cik Liz