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Garfield Macarons

Garfield always voted as my most loved cartoon character and he has always been a favourite of mine, so Garfield Macarons, these are specially made for sure. If you see my Garfield swiss roll before, you will understand how my loves towards Garfield since young. In my opinion, garfield macarons are much easier to make than Garfield Swiss Roll.

In fact, when I brought these Garfield Macarons office that day, nobody believe these are macarons and especially made by me. They are totally stunned with these little cute thing. The 1st impression of theirs  -"Where did you buy this from? And I do not think that I ever see this kind of Macarons outside before?"

The flavour of this macaron is orange filling, with original Macarons flavour of its shell. Here you go, another cute thing to share with others. Everyone will put on their smile while eating every single bites of this.

Interested to see my other Garfield's bakes, refer to Lazy Fat Cat - Garfield Swiss Roll


Zoe said…
Love these macarons! They are very cute!
Gni Yew said…
u sooooo expert to make macaroon, love it.