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Angry Birds & Angry Pigs Macarons

Believe it or not? It's Angry Birds and Pigs on Macarons. All edible!!! They're so adorable until I could not eat them, at the end of the day, I gave away these set of macarons to one of my Singapore friend's granddaughter in Australia here.

Her granddaughter is in cloud nine when receiving this set of macarons, and to my surprise she was seeking her grandfather permission to share these wonderful things with her school mates. How sweet is she! Good thing always good to share, undeniably.

Since last Christmas, I've had a break from baking any Angry Birds related bakes lately. In fact, I was starting to get a little sick of it and I don't want to bake up boring Angry Birds cupcakes again. Hence, thinking of how to draw Angry Birds on top of Macaron, what kind of things can be their parts of the face on macarons. Here you go, after my first experience on Easter Bunny macarons, I made these Angry Birds Macarons on a whim, and was incredibly happy with the results. Everybody just love these piece of arts :)

See my Angry Pigs macaron, not easy to draw their detail expression.

The usual 3 Green Pigs in the row.

Recipe and method for Easter Bunny Macarons
Kindly refer to my previous post titled "French Pistachio Macarons (With Passion Fruits cream)"

I'm submitting my Angry Birds & Angry Pigs Macarons for


Omg! You're so creative!! The macs are so cute! In fact, too cute to be eaten! (: how did you manage to make it poppy?
Ola said…
amazing!they are so colorful and like vivid:)
Life and travelling
Cathleen said…
These are hilarious! I love them! So cute!
Hankerie said…
@ The Sweetylicious: Thanks. The poppy part is the sugar :)

@Ola & @Cathleen: Thanks for all the lovely comments.
Anonymous said…
These are great! I am trying to make red bird macarons. What did you use for the beak and white portion under the beak? Did you also put it on the macaron before you baked it in the oven or after?

Melanie from the California, US.