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Raspberries Hokkaido Cupcakes

I've been away for 1 weeks plus to learn from master chef. Gladly received few emails from Hankerie's fans, questioning why there are no updates recently. Thanks all and I shall post my learning experiences with Master Chef  next few days. Now, back to normal routine - fun in baking

This is my new creation after getting such a good response of my Japanese Hokkaido Cake. Thanks to all my Singapore friends who providing me the candid feedback since end of last year. Since it was raspberries season in Australia these few months, I've bought quite a few punnets to invent few different bakes. Indeed, this is the best combination of it. Since fresh raspberries are quite sour naturally, I've added it into this Hokkaido Cupcakes which brings a little bit sweeter. At first, I'm worry to bake the fresh raspberries since they're so fragile. Once you touch it, it breaks easily. Wonder how it turns out after baked, surprisingly it turns out great after baked - just like blueberries! Juicy but still taste sour.

Hankerie's new creation - Raspberries Hokkaido Cupcakes

Prior baking, put some fresh raspberries on top of the Hokkaido Cupcakes batter. Bake for 10 minutes. It will sink into the middle part of cupcakes as fillings. Once baked, garnish it with one fresh raspberries before serving.


Unknown said…

Was browsing on the net searching for Hokkaido Cake recipes and was directed to ur website.

Can I know if it is possible to substitute the vegetable oil with butter (melted)?
Hankerie said…
@ Beverly Ng: Hi, thanks for dropping by. Sure, you can substitute with canola oil or peanut oil.