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{Round-up} Aspiring Bakers #14: Creative Christmas Bakes (December 2011)

Happy New Year 2012, everyone!!!

Here comes the round-up of Aspiring Bakers #14: Creative Christmas Bakes (December 2011) ), we've received fabulous 95 creative entries for this event. It indeed took me few days to compile & posted them into the Facebook for the "Popular LIKEs" votes in order to walk away the prize. This voting page opens until 7th January 2012 (click here to vote or click the image below to LIKE in Facebook). Hence, do check the result which will be announced at my blog on 8th Jan.

Thanks to every enthusiastic bakers & newbies who made this event a success. Check out all these fantastic entries by clicking into these links. I strongly believe you will definitely use these collection for next year Christmas's bake ideas. Happy surfing.

#1. Black tea fruit cake - by Lirong#2. Christmas fruit cake - by Lirong #3. White Chocolate White X'mas Cupcakes - by Quay Po
#4. Peach and cranberry crumble - by Quay Po #5. A cake for the season of sharing - by Agnes #6. Cranberry and Gree tea Financiers - by Sonia

#7: Mini Gingerbread Houses - Bake for Happy Kids #8: Fresh Chewy Ginger Cookies - by Veronica Chia #9. Orangey Mixed Fruits Butter Rolls - by Vivian Pang Kitchen

#10. Cherry & White Chocolate Muffins - by Veronica Chia #11. 圣诞咖啡松糕 - by Mong Choon Sim #12. Fat Free Green Tea Cake - by Qi Ting

#13. 乱改版~圣诞饼干 - by Siew Hwei #14. Sweet Potato Tarts for Christmas Eve - by Anncoo #15. Abbygails Kitchen - by Abbygail

#16. red & white mini christmas chocolates - Veronica Chia #17. Orange Pound Cake - by Joceline #18. Dumpling Love - by Candy Cheung

#19. 水果挞 - by Eileen Lee #20. 巧克力秒杀蛋糕 - by Esther #21. Mixed Berries & Mango Trifle - by Li Shuan

#22. Bourke Street Bakery Christmas Cake - by Li Shuan #23. X'mas Cookies and Cupcakes - by Li Shuan #24. Fruity Orange Cupcakes With Orange Choco Ganache - by Alice

#25. Edible Santa Hats - by Samantha Sumarli #26. Montebello Torte - by Wendyywy #27. Red Velvet Cheese-Marbled Brownies - by Sharon Chieng

#28. gingerbread boy & gal- by Veronica Chia #29. Mince Pie - by Amy Cheong #30. 圣诞彩绘蛋糕卷 - by Siew Hwei

#31. Sneaky cookies - by Candy Cheung #32. Christmas Cup cakes - by Honey Boy #33. Christmas Plaited Ring Bread - by Theresa

#34. Merry Christmas 2011圣诞树桐蛋糕 - by Pink Lady from Luckyinn #35. X’mas Gingerbread House (圣诞屋) - by Sim Mong Choon #36. Christmas tree fruit bread - by Lirong

#37. Chocolate Cheese X'mas Log Cake - by Cynthia Tan #38. Xmas orange yogurt cupcakes - by Moon Lee #39. Pastel tutup sayuran - by Novia

#40. Christmas Matcha Cookie Tree - by BeeBee #41. christmas tree on potato - by Lena
#42. X'mas Fun Chocolate Chips Cupcakes - by Li Ying

#43. Mixed Fruits Slices - by Alice #44. Kawaii Gingerbread Man - by XiaoWai 小歪 #45. Eggnog Cheesecake - by Veronica Chia

#46. Snowball Cookies - by Sammie #47. Chocolate cakes with Berries - by Ching #48. Christmas Snowball Cookies - by Anncoo

#49. Cherry Cheese Wreath Pound Cake - by Sharon Chieng #50. Fruit Cake - by happy-bowl #51. Gingerbread Cookies - by Li Ying

#52. 柠檬水蜜桃慕斯 Lemon Peach Mousse Cake - by Yee Er #53. Christmas Yule Log - by Agnes Ng #54. Christmas Chocolate Chiffon Cake - by SSB

#55. Christmas Cookies - by Mui Mui #56. 可可木材蛋糕卷 - by Bernice #57. 潘妮朵尼 PANETTONE - by Jasmine 小鱼

#58. Kinako Cookies - by Edith #59. Yule Log (Bûche de Noël) - by lee vannessa #60. Spiced Holiday Cookies - by Ching

#61. Christmas Tree Cookies - by Jane #62. Chocolate Log Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream Filling and Chocolate Meringue Buttercream - by Jasline #63. 2011 圣诞节快乐 (杂果蛋糕) - by Esther Ho

#64. Green Tea Cookies - by Lala #65. Rudolph Sleigh Cupcakes - by Sammie #66. Butternut Snap Rudolph Chocolate tartlets - by Lvna

#67. Noel Nutballs - by Alice #68. White Xmas Log Cake - by Alice #69. Xmas macarons - by quizzine

#70. German Black Forest - by Joceline #71. Merry Christmas Black Forest Cake - by Joceline #72. Gingerbread Treats - by Curlylashes Baker

#73. Christmas Nativity Story - by Curlylashes Baker #74. Ching's Tutti-Frutti Cookies - by Ching #75. Low Fat Two Tone Cheese Tart by Qi Ting

#76. Christmas Chocolate Chiffon Cake - by Angel #77. Festive Madeleine - by Angel #78. Pina Colada Surprise - by Helen

#79. Christmas Tree Chocolate Buns - by Alice P #80. Pandan Cheese Sponge Slices - by Alice P #81. Coffee Almond Cake - by Joceline

#82. Logan Fruits Cake - by Joceline #83. Japanese Strawberry Shortcake - by Sammie #84. Chocolate Chip Cookie, Double Chocolate Walnut Cookie - by Kevin

#85. Bread Pudding - by Kevin #86. Christmas Fruit Cake - by DG #87. Super Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Filling - by Abbygail

#88. Hankerie's Xmas Reindeer Nutella Cupcakes #89. Hankerie's Angry Birds Xmas Log Cake #90. Hankerie's Santa Claus Hat Brownies

#91. Hankerie's Xmas Cake Pops: Holiday cheers on a Stick #92. Hankerie's Xmas Cupcakes #93. Hankerie's Forever Friends Xmas Swiss Roll

#94. Hankerie's Angry Birds Seasons: Angry Birds Christmas Cupcakes #95. Hankerie's Oreo Mango Japanese Cheese Cake


This was a nice compilation! Thanks for the efforts too! And also posting it in your FB. Thank you!
Hankerie said…
@ Passionate About Baking: Thanks. Happy new year 2012, you're my first 2012 commenter :)
Happy 2012! Thanks for the effort! Now we have 2 wonderful roundups for Christmas! :)
Foodplayground said…
Thanks for the effort! Appreciate that! Happy New Year!
Yee Er said…
Great job and tkz for liking my cake in ur fb.

Happy New Year. Wishing u and ur family have joyful and fruitful 2012.
DG said…
All look gorgeous :) Happy New Year!
Thanks for the roundup! All the bakes look great!