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Classic Tiramisu - Sweet Treat for CNY

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Thinking to make some special dessert for the family reunion dinner - tiramisu. A classic Italian cake made with mascarpone cheese and lady fingers. This is a layered dessert which could be compared to an English Trifle.

This classic tiramisu is always the dessert that I would like to try out. It looks complicated but in fact it's much easier if compared to making a cheese cake. For Malaysian, I guess you all know most of the tiramisu is alcohol-free (means halal) that selling in Malaysia. For me, I would prefer classic tiramisu whereby combining 2 different types of alcohol - Rum and Marsala into this dessert. Blessed that it's so convenient to look for tiramisu's ingredients here, fresh and cheap.

Love this brand of mascarpone cheese. It is a fresh, very rich cow’s milk cheese; double or triple cream (60% to 75% milk fat). Its texture resembles a sticky pudding and it is the color of cream. Alternatively, you may substitute for Mascarpone Cheese with combining 16 oz. softened cream cheese, ½ cup heavy whipping cream and 5 Tbsp. sour cream; mix thoroughly until smooth and creamy.

Step 1: Coffee Soaking Syrup : In a bowl, make the hot expresso coffee with some sugar & marsala. Taste and add sugar accordingly. (I am using the Australian coffee - French style Moccona coffee)

Step 2: Soak the 12 crisp ladyfingers (Savoiardi) into the coffee syrup and place into the wine glasses

Step 3: Microwave 50g egg yolk with 45g sugar water for few seconds, whisk and repeat for twice. Filter it and add on lemon juice.

Step 4: Use mixer to beat mascarpone cheese for 2 minutes; add whip cream and marsala & rum (10ml each). Add on the batter into step 3.

Step 5: Put at least 2 layers, alternate it with cream & lady fingers. Dust the toppings with pure cocoa powder. Refrigerate it for at least 4 hours and above.

I'm submitting this for this month's Aspiring Bakers #15: Auspicious Dishes for CNY (January 2012), hosted by Wen's Delights


Wen said…
This is always my all time favourite! Thanks!