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{Guest Post by James Kim} Baking for Charity: How to Use Your Talents for Good

This post written by James Kim (Professional writer). Thanks for volunteering to write in Hankerie.

Baking for Charity: How to Use Your Talents for Good

Most of the time, we don’t bake for ourselves, but to put smiles on other people’s faces. You may write everything down on your grocery list maker, prepare the dough, pop everything in the oven, and decorate a cookie to perfection, but if you don’t see another person enjoy it, then the whole process was in vain. That’s why charity and baking go together like peanut butter and chocolate, because baking is, essentially, about giving to others. So how can use baking to help others? Here are some tips to help you get involved with baking for charity:

-  Find a feeding program in your area

There are tons of feeding programs all over the world. In Australia alone, there is Children’s Charity, Ruiru Feeding Programme, and Samaritan’s Purse, which all allow you to donate food to the underprivileged.  Children’s Charity can help you coordinate your own event, choosing to offer a snack either during or after school hours. 

-  Organize your own bake sale

While working directly with those who are benefitting from your donations is extremely rewarding on its own, you can also organize your own bake sale and then donate the proceeds to charity. First, find a charity that you would like to donate to. AusCharity provides a charity search that can help you find a charity that you’re really passionate about. Then all you have to do is bake bake bake, sell sell sell, and donate the proceeds to your charity of choice. Give yourself ample time to prepare your bake sale. They can be a lot of work!

-  Random acts of kindness

You don’t always have to make a grand gesture to be charitable. There are underprivileged or struggling people all around us. If you notice that someone you know is struggling financially or emotionally, make them their favorite type of cake and deliver it to their front door. This could be a neighbor, acquaintance, or dear friend. Whatever the case, they will surely appreciate a beautiful cupcake or delicious batch of cookies and feel blessed to have people that care in their lives.