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Angry Birds Seasons: Angry Birds Christmas Cupcakes

6 of these adorable Angry Birds Christmas Cupcakes are specially baked for Lisa Wan's nieces & nephew who are great fans of Angry Birds. She is really doted them so much, and bringing these all the way from Brisbane to Sydney today.

Looking forward to see the photo of them eating these exclusive cupcakes soon. I do hope they will enjoy my masterpiece :)  Look at the Angry Pig who dressed up as Reindeer, it looks like wearing the pink skirt as well.

The main character of Angry Birds - Red Angry Bird, no kids can resist this.

Triangle Yellow Angry Bird

The tiny little blue Angry Bird with Christmas Tree

I am submitting for my own event. Hope to see your participation soon in Aspiring Bakes #14 Creative Xmas bakes :)


Cute and nice AB cupcakes ! Wishing you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.
Love all your christmas bakes! Merry Christmas! :)