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AB Overloaded: Angry Birds Birthday Cupcakes

For those who really likes Angry Birds, I guess you wont find bored to find all these creations. Since Iim blogging on Angry Birds series these 2 weeks, these are my exclusive designed Birthday Cupcakes with wonderful cakes texture underneath the decoration. For peeping these inner cakes' texture, see my "Hokkaido Cake" here. I always want to create something that not only nice to see but also nice to eat too :)

You must be wondering why there are only 8 cupcakes here; the reason is Zaliha's boy was celebrating his 8 years' old birthday in past 2 weeks ago. Apologized that I only have some time this week to post it in my blog, she has been looking forward about this post for quite some time. According to her, her boy loves Angry Birds so much. I still remember the comments from her after posted my 1st ever Angry Birds Cupcakes for the orphans; that's why I tried to find time to bake for him by hook and by crook.

That's all for today - KISS (Keep it Simple & Sweet). Enjoy the photo & the "Angry Bird Game" below:


ann low said…
Han Her, This is the prettiest angry birds feature I ever seen. Real cute and look exactly like what I saw in the game. :))
Hankerie said…
Dear Ann, thank you so much :) Love all your comments. They really make my day!!!
These are the prettiest angry bird cup cakes ever seen.... The lil one must have had a blast with them... isnt it...

Do feel free to drop by when time permits..

(Sandhya's Kitchen)
Torviewtoronto said…
beautifully done cupcakes looks fabulous
Anonymous said…
I like it,Ch
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your creations are beautiful! my son Desmond also a Angry birds super fan, he already asking me to make Angry bird Birthday cake for him. I'm start to headache...hahaha..
Hankerie said…
@Sandhya's kitchen: wow , your comment makes me fly. Thank u so much, I just connect you via google. Do support us at Facebook too :)

@ Torviewtoronto: Thanks dear.

@ Anonymous: Thanks for dropping by.
Hankerie said…
@ Sonia: If you're lazy to do those Angry Bird icing figures, you may buy those ready made in bakery shop but those are made of plastic. Wish your boy happy birthday in advance. Have fun baking for him.