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Specially Baked Wedding Cookies

Vividly remembered baked this batch of cookies until 4am last week. You must be wondering why I baked until so late. The reason is I started to baked after work and all, it was already 12am. The whole process took me more than 4 hours to complete everything.

For me, I always wish to do something for my friends especially during their special occasions in life such as birthday, wedding, full moon, baby shower, well wishes, anniversary and other celebrations. Ira - a friend of mine was getting married on last Saturday. This is the cookies set that I made for her specially.

Took photo with lovely bride & groom - Ira & Ifran

I was using fondant icing to decorate these wedding cookies, while the base is my buttery sugar cookies. About these beautiful cookies cutters, thanks to my best friend who brought all the way from USA, there are still another 101 cookies cutter to use in the future!! In fact, I really love to bake cookies but I enjoying more during the decorating process, it's up to my imagination and creativeness on how it should looks like later even I spent several hours on that. See some of the selected cookies closeup below:

This is my favorite cookie with simple design specially dedicated for both bride & groom's with their initial "I".

Plenty of loves, all in one.

Shinning loves for the lover.

Exclusive design butterfly

Little teddy bear
Pure and white bunny for the wedding

Erm...this one by right is for Mei Mei's daughter but she did not turned up that day!
Loves my cookies?

See my other cookies selection for orphanage last time, click on the pictures below>


ann low said…
These are so pretty! You got talent Han Ker!