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Natural serves better!

After 1 week's long break, back to work today, indirectly means I can bake again!!! Today's menu is my fast, easy but delicious chiffon cake.This natural chiffon cake, without any variation or extra taste/colouring. It is full of natural egg fragrance, which indeed taste wonderful (definitely you could not find anywhere outside). If you would like to know more about chiffon cake's variation, you may refer to my previous posts - Cotton-like Chiffon Cake or Blue Chiffon Cake

The best choice for breakfast if you would like light and fluffy cake:-


ann low said…
I love chiffon very much, so soft and spongy. Good job Han Ker :)
lena said…
can never get tired of chiffon cakes!your chiffon looks perfect!!
Hankerie said…
@Ann: Yes, I also like Chiffon cake very much, really can eat it for my daily breakfast.

@Lena: Thanks for your comment. Welcome to my blog.
kok chuan said…
Same here... i love Chiffon cakes... not oily and not too sweet...
Hankerie said…
@ BB: I want to try new recipe this week too!!