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Multi-language Blog

Home sweet home. It's always wonderful to be back home. Today I showed my baking blog to mum, she said , "all the photo looks so wonderful, but can your blog write into mandarin version? I prefer to read it in simplified Chinese language." It sprang me an idea to use Google Translate to convert my whole blog into various language in a proper statement instead of word by word basis. So far, Google translate offers quite accurate language translate into proper sentence, even though sometime I feel it funny when reading some of the statements after translation. Anyway, technology is just awesome. Now my mum is happily bookmark my website to read in Mandarin version without me typing any Chinese character. Google translate rocks!!

The step is as easy as 1-2-3. Just find the "Google Website Translator" under my photo in the main page, you may translate my whole blog into any languages that you would like in just few seconds.

See after translation:

Wondering how my mum looks like? See here "Like mother, like daughter"


Rachel Ng said…
Wow, i like the idea. super great idea from mommy.
Rachel Ng said…
Wow, I love the idea from your mom. Good one. Hope to see you soon..
Hankerie said…
@ Rachel: Yeah, splendid idea right?
A brilliant idea. Making your blog language changeable is a really great idea. Everyone loves to blog but not everyone knows every language, therefore having this option really helps our blogs reach a wider audience.
What you did with your blog is exceptional. With the development of software and applications like Google translate the articles, blogs, and every published thing on the internet can be easily read on any language.