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Hankerie's Angry Bird Cupcakes featured in

I am definitely in cloud nine today!! Received an email from Mike from this morning, stated that my Angry Bird Cupcakes is featured in his website and he wrote a short lovely note on this as well. You may find his post here.  If you're Angry Bird big fans, definitely check out his website for various news that related to Angry Bird too especially send your high score whenever you playing Angry Birds games.


Janine said…
congrats :D the cupcakes look great!
ann low said…
Congrats Han Ker! So happy for you :D
Waileng Tan said…
Congratulations Hanker~!
Zoe said…
So cute! You are such genius with cupcakes decorations. My son will love this!
Hankerie said…
@ Janine, Ann, Waileng & Swee San: Thanks!! Continue support and feedback. It really keep me moving.

@ Zoe: Thanks. You may try to decorate your cupcake too for your son