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Teddy Bear on Swiss Roll?

Do you spot the teddy bear on the swiss roll? The ones you see below is how my swiss rolls have evolved as my decorating skills improved from time to time. More exciting design coming soon, I'm really so into it now. If you can dream/name it, I want to make it onto a swiss roll!!!

Ingredients & Method
Refer to previous post titled "Creative Strawberry Swiss Roll"

See the swiss roll's top view

I'm submitting this entry to this month's Aspiring Bakers #9 themed 'Swiss Rolling Good Times' hosted by 'Obsessedly Involved With Food' (Details here).


Waileng Tan said…
Teddy Bear! Too bad my daughter is still too young to eat solid food. But if she can start eating I bet she'll love this! But on the other hand it's just too cute to be eaten.
Anonymous said…
I remember this :) Thanks for giving some to me <3 I had it with my hot milo and what a nice way to start a morning - Liz
Hankerie said…
@Waileng: Time flies one, once your daughter grows up, she will be your first guinea pig instead of your husband. Thanks for the compliments.

@Liz: Glad to know that. I will let you know if any creation available again.
teddy bear said…
I’d love to win this teddy as I love the classic designs of bears,and the could away to Symi with me this Summer