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Like mother, Like daughter

It was after moved to another apartment in Miri when I realized that I still have a passion in baking. The good oven and the good kitchen inspired me again for baking enthusiasm. This realization occurred when I started baking first bread for my husband during one of the weekend. I became so engrossed to learn more that I searched for more of my mum's recipes and baking tips, and I even buy some of the professional baking books just to gather more tips for baking's chemistry. For me, I believe that baking is not just follow the recipe blindly, it's all about it's chemistry.

Mum & II grew up eating my mom's home baked pastries such as cakes & cookies. Eating her pineapple tart is really rewarding especially during every Chinese New Year. During each of CNY, there are sure return customers to place order for the cookies. My mum is very particular to use the best quality ingredients to bake all her cookies, that's the wonderful part of home baked cookies. I still remember during my school time, I even helped my mum to bake the cookies for whole few weeks just before CNY. That's where I learn the baking basic from her during my younger days. If you're still staying at Batu Pahat, you're indeed lucky. (Free delivery within Batu Pahat City). Refer to Shop page, you may place order anytime now.

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignright" width="270" caption="Product Code: C001/2"]Product Code: C001/2[/caption]

I still consider myself a learning baker, and hopefully, will master this art through the years. I created this site to document all my baking experiences, and hopefully, I will see my progress through the pictures that I'll be posting here. Of course, when you do sharing, you will learn 80% more in return. I really hope that other bakers like you to share in this community as well. FYI, I have also been selling some of the goodies that I've already tweaked, tested and mastered. I deliver them within Malaysia especially KL, Miri & Batu Pahat, for other areas it can be by posts. If you have inquiries you may contact me at


cevon said…
Good points
Hankerie said…
Thanks, Cevon. You feel the same too?
Anonymous said…
Your pineapple tart is the best I ever tested. I am sure ordering that every CNY.
Hankerie said…
Thanks anonymous for your support.